A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is A short horror game by Kyle Kirley.  



Play as Jacob to find a way out of an mysterious odd playground . You hear a voice that wants to help you. He explains how to play the game and tells you the rules.  Careful though, this game can be  a little challenging.

Beat 2 Areas of the playground. 

1) Find the chocolates to let the lights go above. 2) Flash it when you see it in the dark. 3) Save Them but don't go with them. Has A (Ending) and more endings will be updated!

Explore the Knowns of "Khancoban". A different place that no one knowns of.  This world is not like our world that we know of today. Things are oddly placed, left behind and forgotten. Abandon buildings from the past that tell stories. People get transported unknowingly for reasons that are 50%. Being the only child in the family or losing one of your family members. Kind of like "A Great Depression". What started this realm and why is it like this?

W, A, S,DWalk

Download the game now and one more thing... Don't be afraid, be brave!

  • (Update) v1.1: Bucky is less harder on the second area. - Lights going out take a little longer to collect chocolates now.
  • (Update) v1.2: Bug is fix, when picking up last choc camera didn't work anymore. New build for MacOS & Linux are now here!
Updated 3 days ago
Published 9 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorKyle Kirley
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Thriller, Unity


Bucky's Grounds v1.2 Win_x64.zip 797 MB
Bucky's Grounds MacOS.app.zip 807 MB
Bucky's Grounds Linux_x64.zip 819 MB

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This game is pretty good but got me a little frustrated, if you're interested in watching my gameplay here it is. Please consider liking and subscribing if you enjoyed the video please and Thanks!

A fun and fairly challenging game!

I felt like a child scared of the dark great game i hope the dev makes more !


i played this game as my second game of the video, buky's play ground is not my type of game hence why youll see me quit at the end of the video ^_^

Your game is really good it just needs some fixes. A checkpoint so you don't have to start from the beginning every time you die. How Bucky can come at you numerous times in a row before your camera charges and how many chocolates you need to pick up before getting to the next area :) Other than that I thought it was a good game. Jump scares were great, Graphics were good and it was scary. You did a great job :D 

Great concept, a lot can be done here, can't wait to see what you do!

I died so many times lol. I enjoyed the concept, but definitely could use a save point!

This game is great! Extremely scary and extremely interesting! It鈥檚 just too damn hard. Honestly the first area is harder than the second area and this needs fixed. Also there needs to be a check point because starting at the beginning after I die kills my soul! Lol anyway I really loved this game and wish to finish it sometime in the future. 

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your my little pogchamp

This game was hard to beat but it kept me on the edge the whole time! Even though I wasnt able to beat it, I still had fun!

Sound design was good, being able to hear Bucky before you see him is crucial. Simple gameplay, which makes it easy for most people to pick up and play effectively. The UI could use a progress bar or number to represent the chocolates and that would greatly increase UX. All in All a fun short horror game.

Just played this game and I loved every bit of it!!

Quite freaking terryfying..buut very fun!

fun horror game really enjoyed it much love 


Animatronics Kill Bunny … Bucky's Grounds

[This Game Is Actually Scary]
From the pictures and gifs that are displayed on the site, I thought to myself that the game was going to be mid, but it turns out. The game is better than I thought it would be (and yes there are some bugs I encountered while playing, but what game doesn't have them?).

I look forward to playing the Bucky's Grounds 2, If that is to happen.

Creepy stuff if you ask me. Love the way that rabbit sometimes crouches like a lion.

i can't change the settings.. my computer can't take ultra on the graphics, and i change it but if i click play it's back on ultra

This game is awesome

W Game Keep Up The Work!!!!

Amazing game with amazing mechanics... unfortunately, just like other people said, the lack of a checkpoint killed it a bit for me. I wasn't sure how much longer the second part was going to be and couldn't bring myself to try again. Though, again, amazing job with the game, sorry I couldn't finish it!

the monster design was great and the camera mechanic made for a really scary and fast paced game, I just wish there was a checkpoint lol great work 

This was a really good game i loved it the only thing i didnt like was no checkpoints and sometimes monster spawn was too close but other than that keep up the good work and hope you enjoy the video

this was so much fun! i didn't realize there was another area of the playground though, so i'll definitely have to play again! also i'd totally love more games with bucky! love their character and all of the voice acting within the game! thanks kyle! :))

Your song was so good I had to make a trailer out of it and put an extra little beat.  

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This game was terrifying

really scary


Bucky's Grounds is a challenging survival horror game that definitely requires some strategic approaches. Although I found it a bit frustrating, I do think the dev did a great job at making Buckys chase sequences terrifying.

Make More!!

Really Solid Game! Super Creepy and atmosphere was great. Recommend for a quick fun horror game that keeps you on the edge of your seat 


Very stressful in the dark, had a lot of fun with it.

LOVED this game to say the least. I love the mechanics, and the fact that you're basically forced to max your volume lol. The Sound design was great as well, really a 10/10 game, and I see a lot of potential. Good job dev, and I hope you enjoy my video!

I don't think I wanna play at your playground BUCK

Great game and I really want more. 

This game was fun once you figured out the RNG. Seemed to be a FNAF fan game at first, but in my opinion it's its own thing. Great game! 

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