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I love this game. It has huge potential to be a game like Poppy Playtime! I recommend everyone to give this first chapter a try in hype for the 2nd chapter! Great game and keep up the great work! I love the creepy atmosphere, and switching to action back to scary.

Check out my video on it! ❤️

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Very nice start for chapter 1. I like the little teases that happen when walking into some rooms.

I would say that the audio logs need to have a larger radius, it would be nice to be able to walk around a little bit while they're playing.

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Chapter 1 was a blast! The gun combat is a little wonky but I like the aestheic, you have a variety of fun character personalities and the game feels like it’s got a lot of love behind it. I’m excited to play the next chapter!

So this got me a few times with the scares! I got a little frustrated in the chase, but other than that it was fantastic! I love the style and design, and the overall story so far! Looking forward to future chapters! 

Great game can`t wait for more chapters to drop.

I really enjoyed it, the shooting was fun and the cartoon-ish style looks really cool!

Honestly a great first chapter, I really love the artstyle and the overarching story. With time i can tell this will be GREAT please keep working hard on it!

 This is the Third game in my video

10/10! One of the best horror games I've found on Itch! Amazing job!

My favorite chase sequence in a horror game ever! Can't wait for more!
Also I sassed your cat :3

this was really fun to play! poppy play time vibes. going to keep an eye out for the second part!


This game was fantastic, voice acting was perfect, and it has a really unique concept. Keep it up.

this game was crazy good!!!!!!

This was a great game, and I can't wait for chapter 2... The performance in some parts were not very good and with time I hope you improve the optimization. With that said check out my gameplay of Curley's Laboratory Chapter 1! 

WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT!?!? | Curley Laboratory: Chapter 1 - YouTube

sub too plz ;)

We just actually fixed the performance after you said this. Thank you for the Support!

This was such a cool game! I loved the atmosphere and the art style of this game! The shooting mechanics were a bit wonky but other than that I enjoyed this whole chapter. Can't wait for chapter 2!


I had a amazing time with this game!!! There were so many times I got jump scared and I admire the mechanic to defend yourself with the laser pew pew! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

this game was great~ the characters and animations where pretty good cant wait to play more

I loved the animations, graphics, the dialog! This is great, that chase was in tense and nice jumpscare in that hallway haha! I cannot wait for chapter 2.

Here is my video! Please check it out

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I love the fluid animations on the monsters when they're teased to us early on, and the build up to the scares. Very well done!

i just want to say how excited i am about this! i played the early version to this a couple of months ago and it was good, but now looking at this one i just cant believe how good this really is, not only the visuals but the story there is so much lore to it, and im really excited to play more! gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that like button and if your feeling generous a sub also! thanks guys!

Heres My Playthrough Thankyou for a Entertaining game

Why are the best friends always made in a bottle?

W game can't wait for more chapters!

This game reminds me a lot of Poppy Playtime. I think this game has a lot of potential and I hope it gets very far. I just have one problem with it and that is the shooting part. Id be aiming right at the monsters but the bullets would miss. Other than that the game is amazing and I enjoy the art style. 

Very fun game!

Definitely gave me the Poppy's Playtime vibe and it definitely had some nice pacing to it as well. Keep it up. I'll be keeping an eye on the game as well.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

woah what a cool game to play it reminds me of poppy's playtime tbh but the game was so good and i cant wait for chapter 2 to come out!! Keep up the good work 

Kirley Game Studios cant wait for more amazing games to come from you.

I have also made a video on it come check it out 

This game is an excellent start to a promising full length game! Keep up the good work! 

It was good, but not great (YET)! Just needs a lot of polishing in dialogue, grammar, objectives, and Curley's difficulty. I was stuck on the chase scene for about 30 minutes before giving up since it was literally impossible for me to make it through, even with a "flawless" run. Other than that, I really enjoyed this game and hope it can turn into something huge! :)


I really enjoyed this game a lot and can’t wait for the next chapter! That chase scene got me lol. Keep up the great work!!

This was great, the animations and level designs looks really good. That chase had me nervous af though ngl haha Excellent work so far devs, very much looking forward to the next chapter :)

Nice game. Love the gameplay and the survival moments.


Yup, the last thing you need is Greg creating the ultimate toy in the laboratory for Damian to play with. My theory is Greg actually became Curley and it's hunting everyone down. Why else would there be blood letters on the wall? 

love it thank you 

This is awesome! Really terrifying experience. Love the music, too.

thanks for complimenting the music i made it

Nice introduction to the game, I'd suggest playing this for the music alone - it slaps! 

Check out some Gameplay: 


damn thanks bro i made the music

this was really nice ! im glad i tried it and didnt skip and now im excited for chapter 2 ! hope you enjoy my vid about it and dont mind my rambling about how much i died :D

Must Try This Masterpiece. 5/5

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