A downloadable game for Windows

Once you click (Play!) the episode will start. No going back.


Not for the faint hearted.

You are about to see the first real footage from a lost episode called...


Most people who have watched it have never been seen, AGAIN.

The Grieving, contains scenes that some viewers may find

Extremely Upsetting.

The Amazing World of Gumball, can not and will not, accept any responsibility for the effects of what you are about to see


Not from the creators of "The Amazing World of Gumball" but made by KirleyGames. To see the creepypasta original story, the link will be here:https://geosheas-lost-episodes.fandom.com/wiki/The_Amazing_World_of_Gumball:_The_Grieving

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorKirley Game Studios
Tags3D, Dark, First-Person, Halloween, Horrible, Horror, Unity


THE GRIEVING.exe.zip 76 MB


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Honest Review:
This game could be better. The "Jumpscares" Made me laugh and didn't scare me. The game was meh and could of been way better. But other then that it's "ok"

That was a cool but short game. 4/5 


i really loved this game, the jump scarys and the fact that gumball was the killer was soo good to me, oh i also played your another game too


I am scarred for life. good graphics tho.


Pretty cool!!! Please watch it and subscribe!

This was good and it seemed really faithful to the creepypasta! I didn't know what to expect going in but it did not disappoint. The jumpscares got me really badly and the entirety of the game made me really uncomfortable! Good job! 


very good game !

sori i sade 1 because i need to finish the ame an 2 i think i dont have so much space so i think in another i will download squidward's suicide when i start eliminating fotos online 👍🏻

I like this game i am fan of the horror  wanna say that you make the best games I wanna squidward's suicide but i think that in another day because if i say to instal a game mi dad says when you finish the grieving game so i say ok i'll promise that i'll win the grieving game wel goodbye 

how do i  play when i downloaded it?


very interesting game! I enjoyed playing! Here's ,y playthrough if anyone is interested! please subscribe if you haven't it would really mean a lot!


Hey there! Just played it :D I really like the way you make games, when is your next one out? Thank you!! 

next one we are working on right now...it will be About SCP ;)

how i play when downloaded

This is such a good game! It matches up with the creepypasta perfectly! good job, KirleyGames!

Mac Build Update is coming in release date!

Can we make a Mac Build Update?


What’s New?

-Mac Build 

Bad News:Please note this build is untested (I don’t own a mac.) If you encounter problems, please tell me!

SKIP TO 16:22!!!

It's a good idea, but needs work! 

Also, the gumball jumpscare got me good, won't lie.

with a little work this game can be AMAZING...(see what i did there) 



I liked this game. I loved the idea. 

I would give it a solid 6/10 just because it needs some development overall a pretty good game for a short horror game.


Amazing game dev had a lot of fun playing this game :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay